Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I've been working furiously on the central park hoodie which is turning out to be so fun to knit! I am thoroughly enjoying it and cannot wait to finish it! I finished the back last night and cast on for the sleeves this morning. I wish I hadn't put the camera into storage during the move.. that was a terrible decision since I would really like to take some pictures. :(

I lofted my bed at school and now have a complete knitting station set up underneath. I have a comfy chair, a table with a bright lamp, my yarn and the fridge next to me ;) Everything one needs during knitting!

I can't stop eating tortilla chips and salsa.. its become a serious addiction. I just cannot stop they are SO GOOD! The flax seed and soy chips from Trader Joes are the best by far. You definitely cannot eat just one.

So I ended up signing up for 21 credits this semester.. I am taking 4 classes, a lab, some extra stuff all Animal Science related (goat group, livestock classic), and then I'm doing an independent study in a professors research lab for 2 credits. I am just following one of the students around now but I will be learning how to run tests and things. I'm very excited, everyone is extremely nice.

I have to go finish watching the Sopranos.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I never post on here and I really want to be one of those cool people with the extensive and awesome blogs. I need to get going. Finals are bogging me down and when I havn't been studying I've been lazy. I really need to knit.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Twice is the charm?

What is that saying.. I can't remember it right now but this is my second post of the same purpose (to display my new hat). Last night I, very excitedly, attempted to post pictures of my just finished Chunky Cabled Beanie but eblogger decided to hate me and refused to post my post, so rude.

Now that I am permanently blinded by the flash of my camera.. here we go..

I took about 25 of the same photo from different angles. I tried to include SJP in the background but I just looked like a fool and figured I would avoid humiliation.
Yeah this is from umm a year and a half ago.. yours truly in front of the London Bridge. It was still on the memory card.. figured I'd put the photo to some use.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thankgiving Break Hat

I started a basic k2,p2 hat on Thanksgiving day while at my Aunt's house. Knit it up really fast and finished it this afternoon. Quick knit! I'm proud of it, it looks nice, its a gift to my father for this birthday which is this Wednesday. I finally took some pictures because I'm home and have access to a camera.I've been pretty lazy this break, not seeing much of my friends. I do believe I'm coming down with a cold though and don't feel like doing anything. It feels great to just sit around and watch movies. :) My mom and I made a Tofurky last night for dinner and it was delicious! We were both very surprised at how great it tasted, full of flavor mm mm! It would have been great with more stuffing, mashed potatoes, the whole lot but it was still awesome by itself.

Here's my cat, the chubby thing that she is.. I'm trying to entise her with some Alpaca yarn.. she doesn't seem to be interested.. must be the camera.. she's probably shy.

And here is the sweater I've been working on for the last year.. The 'big sac sweater' from Stitch and Bitch. It umm.. has a few problems.. like the uhhh size. Its kinda short and umm too small.. may need some re-doing and such..

Friday, November 17, 2006


Just a little while ago some Animal Science friends and I went to Mapleline Dairy.. a farm right around the corner from UMASS. Our animal science lab went there last semester and toured their farm, learned about how they run things, etc. They have Jersey cows there instead of the traditional Holsteins that you see everywhere. Their cows are beautiful.. I love that farm. Anyway we went there to buy milk since its amaaaaaazing. I bought a small thing of chocolate milk.. yeah its on its way to being devoured.

ONLY three more days of classes and I get to go HOOOMEEEE :)

On the knitting front, I am close to being finished with the second sleeve. The sweater will be put together over Thanksgiving and then it will be complete!! woohoo!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wolf Hollow

Yesterday I woke up quite early for a Saturday morning (8 AM), got ready, and went on a 2+ hour drive to Ipswich, Mass. to go to a place called Wolf Hollow. This family raises a pack of wolves for the purpose of preserving this incredible species and to educate the public about the importance of wolves. This was truly an awesome field trip and definitely worth the 5 hours in the van.

The woman that runs the facility isn't the friendliest of folks, disappointingly.. we got there early.. around 12:30 and wanted to park and wait but we were quickly informed that the gates absolutely do not open until 1 pm sharp.. so we drove 2+ hours to pay you and see your sanctuary but we can't park a half-hour early? Come on lady.. honestly..

On the way to and from Wolf Hollow I took advantage of my knitting time (even though I should have used the time for homework..) and knit a good portion of my dad's birthday hat. Although it seems a bit small and not at stretchy as I had hoped so maybe this won't be the actually birthday hat, I'll just have to make another one.

What a lovely Sunday it is.. pouring rain and completely gloomy weather. I suppose thats good reason for me to study for my exam tomorrow.. fun old Anatomy and Physiology!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Shrug it off.

Thats how I feel about my damn Anthropology exam I just took, except.. take away the smirk. Stupid stupid stupid anthropology I don't even like that class.

That picture was actually taken in a modern art museam in Europe.. it was in Germany.. the name escapes me at the moment. Random modern art.

The second sleeve of my sweater is coming along well.. somewhat slowly but its coming. I tried to start my fingerless mitts but since I'm not yet comfortable with knitting in the round on dpn's I quickly became flustered and felt it was not working correctly. I need guidance first. I plan on contributing at least one scarf to the Red Scarf Project again this year. I think I might make my dad a hat or a scarf for his birthday as well. Good plan.

I am really hungry.. I just ate 2 small bags of wheat thins and it really did not do it for me. I really need to upgrade my meal plan for next semester.